About Us

The Frederick W. Vanderbilt Garden Association, Inc. began in 1984 as a small group of gardeners who wanted to bring some life back to a long neglected, formal garden on the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY. They started with no funding, and only a few beds of annuals, but a big dream. Since then, many others have shared that dream and helped to make it a reality. The formal gardens were reborn. Now, they consist yearly of over 4000 annuals, 2000 perennials and hundreds of roses. As of 2010, the volunteers of the FWVGA have accumulated over 207,000 hours of work, the equivalent of 5181 weeks of full time work, or 1 person working 40 hours per week for nearly 100 years!

Our Mission:

  • To rehabilitate and maintain the formal gardens at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site to the landscape defined by the National Park Service
  • To establish a sound funding program for the ongoing rehabilitation and maintenance of the gardens
  • To work with the National Park Service to establish a program of interpretation and education opportunities for Association members and the general public.

Becoming a member or volunteer worker

The FWVGA Journey

25th Anniversary photo

FWVGA 25th Anniversary Celebration, 2009

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