Request Information on Guided Tour

The FWVGA is pleased to offer guided tours of the formal gardens by trained, volunteer interpreters for groups of 10 or more. 

The form below is not currently working. If you wish to arrange a tour for a group larger than 10, please email

For individuals, or groups of less than 10, we suggest visiting the gardens on Saturday or Sunday afternoons from April through October.  Greeters will be available on those afternoons between 12:30pm and 4:00pm ET.  They will welcome you, answer questions and provide you with a self-guided tour brochure.  This brochure gives a history of the gardens and the Association, as well as a map to guide you around the gardens.

Note:  Tour interpreters will wait for 15 minutes past the arranged time for group to arrive unless other arrangements have been made.  If a tour leader cell phone is provided, the interpreter will attempt to contact the leader if group does not arrive on time.


Please provide name of person arranging tour.


Please provide name of organization requesting tour, if applicable.

The city and state of the Organization's address.

Enter primary date requested for the tour.

If possible, please provide alternative date if primary is not available.


Provide approximate time for tour.

Provide estimated number of people who will take the tour (10 or more).

Please provide email address  of person making tour request, to be used as contact for further arrangements.

Phone number of person making tour request.  Will be used only in case there is no response at email address. 

Cell phone number of person leading tour on requested date.  This will only be used in case of a delay or change in arrangements.

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